Restorative Alignment and the Yin Yoga Meridians | 50 hours YACEP | November 12 – 19, 2021

  November 12, 2021 18:00

  November 19, 2021 13:00


Start date:

  November 12, 2021 (18:00)

End date:

  November 19, 2021 (13:00)


Solstice Yoga Center, Las Trés Marías, San Agustinillo Beach, Oaxaca, México.

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- The meeting of Restorative Alignment and the Yin Yoga Meridians -


Life consists of happy and difficult moments and they are both important to have a full life. Living on an excessive wave of emotions, however, unbalances the Yin-Yang energy, which in turn causes a blockage in the meridians and impairment of vital organ functions.

During this 7-day continued education, we will combine the restorative and relaxed strength with stretching different meridians in our body.

Course topics

  • Grief and sadness (Lungs/large intestine).
  • Pensiveness and worry (Spleen/stomach)
  • Joy and excessive excitement (Heart/small intestine)
  • Fear (Kidney/urinary bladder)
  • Anger (Liver/gall bladder)
  • How to conduct a successful online class.